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Flash Intros in easy steps

03 August 2012
Now onwards you can create your own flash intros with predefined styles

You can customize the flash intros to meet your needs with the corpgenie flash intro maker. No Flash skills required for the same


Corpgenie new products

10 May 2012
Corpgenie introduces new builders to create Flash Headers and page intros

To make your pages interactive, corpgenie provides few more solutions like Flash headers and Flash Intros. Create your own intros and headers by using corpgenie flash header builder or flash intro builder very easily within minutes


Catalogue Builder

20 April 2012
Now onwards creating Flash Catalogs is going to be very easy

Corpgenie added another useful product to their gallery-Corpgenie Catalogue Builder. This is going to help the users to create their product / business catalogs interactively


New generation Presentation builder

27 March 2012
Your waiting is over! CorpGenie launches its new Presentation builder

Corpgenie continues its customer support by adding new Presentation Builder to create dynamic flash presentations without any difficulties. Users can publish their presentations for various purposes like, student projects, seminars and business demo etc


Launching new generation banner builder

12 January 2012
CorpGenie introduces new generation banner builder

New generation banner builder is the latest addition to the CorpGenie series of products. This simple to use online tool helps anyone to create stylish flash banners cost effectively without any programming knowledge or prion experience.


Corpgenie Slide Show Maker

04 December 2011
Corpgenie Slide Show Maker coming soon...

Corpgenie slide show will help you to make your slide show more informative. It is easy to use. You can make your own slide show with the help of templates.


Corpgenie Banner

18 November 2011
Beta Edition

Beta Edition Corp Genie Banner Builder.


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